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Abilities@Work Wage Subsidy Program

Abilities@Work – A Wage Subsidy To Support Your Hiring Needs.

• Abilities@Work supports people with different abilities and PEI employers through a wage subsidy program.

How Does Abilities@Work Support Your Business?

• Abilities@Work will provide a wage subsidy to employers that hire eligible participants
• Abilities@Work provides support to employers who hire employees that may require additional training time or accommodation.
• Value added features like job coaching, retention services and other employment services are available to organizations that participate in Abilities@Work.

What Is The Process For Wage Subsidy Through Abilities@Work?

• Each job opportunity is assessed individually.
• Any full-time position with a private-sector employer will be considered for subsidy.
• The duration of each Abilities@Work opportunity is based on:
• The estimated time it takes your new employee to gain competent job skills;
• The level of experience the new employee has coming into the new position;
• Disability-related accommodation requirements.
• By discussing job requirements with stakeholders, we will assess the number of subsidy weeks required.
• Employers are required to cover the Mandatory Employer Related Costs (MERCS) [Employment Insurance, Canada Pension Plan, workers compensation benefits or other employer related expenses].
• Underemployed employees with a disability may be considered for Abilities@Work.

What Are The Benefites To A Business Accessing Abilities@Work?

• In addition to receiving funded wages, employers can access a pool of job seekers with a wide range of skills and abilities.
• Abilities@Work can connect employers with a network of employment service professionals that will provide you with job ready candidates. This saves employers money on recruitment and advertising costs.
• If necessary, work accommodations for a person with a disability may be eligible. In some cases employers can also receive the support of an on-the-job coach to provide one-to-one assistance to a new employee in the workplace as they learn the skills of the job.

To Be Eligible For Abilities@Work, Employers Must:

• Have a Revenue Canada taxation number;
• Have coverage through Workers Compensation Benefits or an equivalent program;
• Have an open position, paid at fair market rates, that has not been created specifically to gain the wage subsidy but is part of the employers regular or expansion workforce;
• Be considering an applicant who has a disability for the position; and enter into an agreement with the PEI Council of People with Disabilities, the organization that operates Abilities@Work.

To Be Eligible For Abilities@Work, A Participant Must:

• Have a disability;
• Be legally entitled to work in Canada (citizen, permanent resident or refugee status)
• Be ineligible for assistance under Employment Insurance;

What If Participants Require Disability-Related Accomodations?

• Most disability-related workplace accommodations are minor and inexpensive in nature.
• When working with Abilities@Work, employers will be provided information and in some cases financial support for work-related accommodations required by the job candidate.


The Abilities@Work program is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities program.