Designated Parking Permit Program

The Designated Parking Permit Program serves approximately 7,300 Islanders with a mobility impairment and allows them to have easier access to buildings such as stores and offices.

Parking permits are for those "unable to walk more than 75 metres without serious difficulty or danger to safety or health" and allow permit holders to park in specially designated parking spots.

Designated parking allows accessibility for many people with disabilities, who otherwise might not be able to live as independently. Most provinces, states or countries in the developed world have a body that issues permits to individuals who need to use designated parking. The PEI Council of People with Disabilities is the body recognized internationally as the one authorized to do so in this province. The Parking Permit Program is administered in all three Council locations. Those needing a permit fill out a simple one page Parking Permit Application Form (attached below) - Medical Certification Form - and have it authorized by your doctor.

Permits are valid for one calendar year [January to December] and annual renewal is required. The cost for a permit is $21.00 a year [a Council membership fee of $3.00 is included].

Temporary permits are available for up to three months for those who will not need them on a permanent basis. ($30) Surgical patients or others with short-term disabilities may make use of the temporary permits.

The following forms are attached below: