Programs: Work Abilities Program and Resource Center

Work Abilities offers an essential skills program designed to assist individuals with disabilities in enhancing their employability skills and career decision making process in preparation for entry or re-entry into the workforce.

Work Abilities offers a series of Employment Readiness Workshops on a continuous basis to ensure accessibility to critical essential skills information, formal and informal learning opportunities, computer use and individualized learning assistance. 

Work Abilities Workshops:

Skills Identification Workshops

Career Performance

Employment Readiness

Gearing Up For Job Fairs

PEI Council of People with Disabilities is offering workshops to help job seekers prepare for success with the upcoming 2013 Job Fair season. Learn how to get the most out of these short intense events.

Topics covered will include:

If you or someone you know has a disability and is seeking employment plan to attend these informative workshops.

Charlottetown: February 13th, from 1 to 2:30pm – 5 Lower Malpeque Rd, Unit 2

Summerside: February 14th, from 1-2:30 pm - East Prince Youth Development Centre, 233 Water St.

Montague: February 19th, from 1-2:30 pm – Active Communities, 540 Main St

For more information contact:
Charlottetown -Beth Butland - 902-892-9149 Ext 227
Summerside- Devon Broome - 902-436-9259
Montague- Judy MacLeod - 902-838-5878

Referrals to Work Abilities can be made by contacting the Employment and Counselling Program in your region or by visiting the Council website at or by calling (902) 892-9149 ext: 227

This program compliments the Council's existing Employment Counselling and Services program. Both have the objectives of assisting people with disabilities improve their life skills, work towards greater independence, be more prepared when making career decisions and develop the necessary skills to secure meaningful and stable employment. Both are funded by the Canada/ PEI Labour Market Development Agreement.

Upon completion of the Work Abilities Program, participants are referred to Employment Counselling and Services program Employment Specialists for ongoing one-on-one support.


The Council has been a leader in developing employment initiatives in the province of Prince Edward Island for persons with disabilities for the past 25 years. However, even with all of our positive efforts the statistics show that 55% of people with disabilities in our province are still unemployed. One group of individuals that needs particular attention are those who have no labour force attachment or have been removed from the workforce for the past three or more years as a result of their disability. Individuals may have skills, but due to a prolonged absence from the labour market, may have lost confidence in their abilities. Some individuals in this demographic may never have worked due to the lack of opportunities and supports available to them.

People with disabilities face numerous challenges and barriers as they attempt to secure employment opportunities. In some situations individuals have worked in labour related fields for the majority of their lives until they develop a disability - either through illness or injury. Then they try to make transitions in their lives, determining what direction they should take in order to pursue meaningful employment. The Council often exhausts many avenues in order to assist people in these types of situations. We consistently look for existing programs or develop short-term projects to try to provide the people with whom we work the necessary life and employment readiness skills crucial to prepare them to achieve meaningful employment. Personal and life skills are essential in developing a healthy, productive and positive work life. The supports that some individuals require go beyond the services that can be provided through the Council's Employment Counselling and Services program. Some people can have a variety of personal, social, and disability barriers that prevent them from being competitive in the job market. This means that they require more in-depth support than some other people.

The Work Abilities Program provides structured life skills and employment readiness skills enhancement, which will prepare participants for entry or re-entry into the workforce.

Program participants will be able to access a full range of services, tools and supports that meet their needs. The intent is to better prepare them to make career decisions and to develop the necessary skills to achieve long term and stable employment.